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TriColt Quantity Surveyors & Development Consultants is a South African based Quantity Surveying and Development Consulting practice that operates both locally and internationally.

Tricolt is different. We have always taken a different approach. The difference is in the detail. We put an enormous amount of thought into the creativity, design, cost and detail of every development, as if we were going to live or work there ourselves.

We strive to provide a professional service of the highest standard and continue to remain at the forefront of the information technology industry. Our team adopts a personal ‘hands on’ and proactive approach to every project with extreme attention to detail. It is this approach that delivers results and helps keep us on the cutting edge of the market. Tricolt also has placed much emphasis on value added services to those of traditional Quantity Surveying. The practice promotes timeous cost planning to ensure economy without compromising design and maintains cost control via stringent cost checking and cost monitoring.

Tricolt believes in treating the client’s money as it would its own. Strict cost control is paramount and is achieved through proven principles and techniques, complimented by innovative ideas and a proactive approach.

The ability to gain a thorough understanding of client’s needs is vital and Tricolt are adept at looking beyond the obvious. Our ability to anticipate and avoid problems and implement necessary controls proactively is widely acknowledged.

We have fast established ourselves as leaders in this dynamic and challenging industry by providing our clients un-paralleled service ensuring their developments are profitable, on time and are of the highest quality.

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