Mukuru Africa (Pty) Ltd

Mukuru helps you move money around Africa. Whether you are sending cash for instant collection or topping up a bank account or mobile wallet it has never been easier. We use the latest mobile and web-based technologies to give you the best experience possible. But that’s just half the story. To really understand us, you need to know the “why” behind all we do.

We know that every one of our customers has a story. Just like we do. So whether they are sending money for school fees, hospital bills, rent or groceries, we are passionate about making that story end well.

It is this, the opportunity to enrich the lives of Africa’s people by helping family, friends and loved ones stay connected, that motivates us to improve, to do more and to reach further. To us a remittance is more than money. It represents the love, care and hard work of the sender and can be a lifeline, an opportunity or even a celebration to the recipient.

So when you send money with Mukuru, you can rest assured that you will get great service from people who understand you.

Our Vision

To become the most trusted brand in financial technology solutions for Africa’s people both at home and abroad.

Our Mission

To enrich the lives of Africa’s people by connecting loved ones through innovative financial technologies.

Our Values

World Class Service – We truly value and respect our customers. If it were not for them, we would not be us. That is why we strive to provide excellent service that is always WORLD CLASS! We aim to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations by genuinely understanding their needs.

A Sense of Family – The Mukuru FAMILY is a home away from home. We believe that authentic relationships in which people value, support and care for one another are the cornerstone of any great organisation. We all come from different walks of life, but when together, we are family working in a spirit of unity for something greater.

Integrity – We value INTEGRITY. To us, it’s about being honest in every aspect of our work and going above and beyond the call of duty. We are all individually and collectively responsible for the company and each other, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Treating others with respect is foremost in all that we do.

Growth Through Learning – We encourage personal GROWTH. Mukuru wants every employee to realise their ultimate potential by fostering a continual willingness to learn. We encourage our staff to seek personal development opportunities and challenge themselves in their roles. We believe that as each person grows, so does the company

Passion in Work and Play – Our PASSION for life drives us. We love helping our clients achieve their goals, take care of their loved ones or just grow their savings. We have seen the difference our work makes and it energises us to keep going. If we are not working we are playing, but with no half measures there either. We like to put passion in everything!

Innovation and Creativity – INNOVATION and CREATIVITY underpin all we do, and puts us at the cutting-edge. The desire to improve, to enhance and to create runs through the whole company. And, when simply improving something is not good enough, we create it. Just because “it has not been done before” is not going to stop us. We love the feeling of pushing the boundary for the benefit of our customers.

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