Echo Project Managers

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Project Managers & Principal Agent, Echo PM

Echo Project Managers is a company of professional project managers who are passionate about development and provide management of projects within the built environment from conception to completion, including management of related professional services.

We fully embrace the responsibility of our role as the clients’ representative and pride ourselves on dynamic and powerful leadership of both the professional and construction teams both in the boardroom and on site.

Our main objectives in any project are:

To pro-actively drive a project forward through each stage ensuring the project programme deadlines are met given that time is money

Staying in line with budget by constantly looking at value engineering solutions to problems that arise.

Ensuring the quality and design of the final product are not compromised during the process which ensures the developers reputation is held high.

We adopt a hands-on approach to all our projects always ensuring our clients’ interests are put above all.

We strive for excellence in all we do and are highly organised with refined systems and procedures developed through decades of project management experience in the commercial and residential property arenas.

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