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C3 Climate Control Consulting Engineers has experience in the full spectrum of residential and commercial buildings, from speculative and corporate head offices to industrial developments.

As Directors, Willem vd Westhuizen, Jacques Viljoen and David Vince ensure the success of the company through sound business ethics and entrepreneurialism.

C3 Engineering provides a comprehensive personalized service based on international experience that resulted in a base of successful projects which stand out not only for their energy efficiency of operation, but also for their competitive initial costs, enabling C3’s clients to compete more successfully in the market place.

C3 has successfully implemented many innovative solutions in respect of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, vertical transportation, industrial plant, data centers and specialist facilities.

We present a progressive approach to Green Building design, ensuring that the building envelope and services are designed and constructed to reduce the impact on the environment.

Quality is only possible with investment in the right people and investment in the right infrastructure.

Software support is provided for energy and life cycle cost analysis and building simulation, heat load calculations, design and draughting.

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