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ARC Architects is a professional architecture company that was established in 1992 by Justus van der Hoven. Our firm of architects currently has a national footprint, with three Head Offices, in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. Since inception, the firm has been focussed on delivering architecture excellence in the industry by consistently producing economically viable and ecologically responsible architecture projects.

The company’s primary focus is commercial architecture; however, ARC has gained valuable expertise in all fields of architecture, specializing as:

Office Architecture

Medical Architecture

Education Architecture

Residential Architecture

Retail Architecture

ARC is invested in challenging conventional office design practice by exploring cutting-edge philosophies and incorporation of current technology into new building projects. In terms of office architecture, and the design of office space, building projects should aim to achieve excellence through performance in design. Modern trends in Office Architecture have seen a new approach to the design, and ARC believes in approaching every project, whether it is a new building or an office refurbishment, according to the following goals.


ARC has been responsible for many large, corporate architecture projects, including Hollard Head Office [Parktown], Multichoice Head Office and Broadcast Centre [Randburg], and Medscheme Head Office [Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg]. The offices for ARC is housed in a building aptly named The Workshop on 7th Avenue in Rosebank. These offices were designed by ARC with the aim to explore the industrial functionality of a building as a ‘machine for production’. The open-plan layout of the offices evoke a studio environment, where clients and consultants are exposed to the process behind our architectural design.

Arc Architects is a Professional Architect Company

This is showcased in the active, ‘live’ production of architectural models, group sketching, design workshops and active 3D modelling. The work environment is such that ARC employees are challenged to ‘craft’ buildings in the same way that an artist may ‘craft’ a sculpture. The result of this process is that all buildings produced by ARC are distinctly unique, and contain a certain depth of design; what we believe to be the ‘Art behind Architecture’.

Vision and values

Over the past few years, the company has gained specialized expertise in becoming industry leaders as Office Architects, Medical Architects, Education Architects, Residential Architects, Urban Architects, Industrial Architects, Retail Architects, Bank Architects and Eco Design Architects. More specifically, ARC Architects have spent years researching and developing highly specialized architecture for Call Centre buildings, Data Storage buildings, Student Housing, Cash Centre buildings, Medical Clinic buildings, Hospital buildings, and Luxury Houses. Following the pertinent economic growth in education and health sectors of South Africa, ARC has initiated a drive to provide specialized services in those fields. Recently completed projects include the ABSA Call Centre [Aukland Park], Business Connection Head Office [Midrand], The University of Johannesburg’s Performing Arts Centre [Aukland Park], The University of Pretoria’s Engineering and Cultural Precinct [Pretoria] and the well-known ‘Billboard Building’ for Ad Outpost [Woodmead, M1 highway].

Mission Statement

ARC is focused on performance and delivery of a high quality architectural service that relates appropriately to its surrounding context. Every architecture project is driven by our team of skilled professionals to meet the best environmental results possible, in relation to requirements determined by Green Star, the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA), SANS 204 and the new SANS 10400 Building Regulations. Architects at our firm challenge each project’s appropriateness, in order to justify it as a responsible use of an investor’s capital, so as to be an economically sustainable project that brings value into the market. At ARC, we strive to constantly exceed expectations to please our clients, especially the end-users of buildings. The year 2012 was the 20th Anniversary of ARC Architects, and an exciting new re-branding of the company has brought a stirring new spirit to the legacy of the ARC brand.

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