Commercial Property, Rosebank

The Rosebank Firestation is the exciting new commercial office development in the heart of Rosebank. This unique will be development the epitome of old meeting new with the beautiful modern design of offices being respectful to the heritage of the protected fire station.

Roseban Firestation Fire Truck 2 - About

ARC Properties purchased the fire station site in 2004, following which the fire station was renovated and the old duplex units were converted to quaint and quirky offices. These offices, bursting with character and a unique identity, have always been popular and a favorite among the “Creatives”.

ARC Architects began working on the project in 2014. They worked closely with the Provincial Heritage Resources Authority Gauteng (PHRAG), with the assistance of HP Architect, to ensure that the historic integrity of the fire station is preserved.

The development team comprises a joint venture between ARC Properties and  TriColour Investments.