27four Investment Managers (Pty) Ltd

What’s in a name?

27four was named after a turning point in South Africa’s history, 27 April 1994, the date of South Africa’s first democratic election. It is a representation of change, the power to hope, the power to aspire and the strength to realise the “African dream”. We are a leading African firm, actively transforming the financial services landscape and best positioned for the changes reshaping the global economy.

Our Strengths

Our multi-management process is rigorous in that we employ stringent risk management controls at every level of our investment process:

Managing asset allocation risk

Comprehensive due diligence of fund managers

Fund manager selection

Portfolio construction

Rigorous risk management of individual funds and composite portfolios

Leading the way in multi-management

We are a leading independent South African-based multi-manager focused on understanding and addressing the evolving needs of retirement funds and individual investors through the provision of unique product solutions and portfolio customisation options. Through ongoing value-add, by way of product differentiation and the delivery of consistent and superior returns, 27four has earned its position as a leading provider of multi-manager solutions to South African and international investors.

Our commitment to our clients

Investors’ interests always come first

Manage risks on a 360 degrees basis

Delivery of consistent and outstanding returns

Offer full transparency and disclosure

Provide relevant and cost effective solutions

Always operate with integrity

Focus on service delivery and excellence


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